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Ravenna and the souls in Purgatory

The itinerary is focused on vices and

Pomposa: the mystery abbey

The itinerary is focused on the medieval

Ravenna, the town of Paradise

The itinerary put a focus on the

Dante for Kids

A pedestrian route across the places of

Stories of Dante

Do you know when Dante was born?

The date of his birth is undefined, we say that was in 1265 between May and June.

Do you know what disease Dante died of?

Dante came down with malaria when he crossed the Delta Po swamps, while he had a diplomatic journey commissioned by Guido Novello da Polenta toward Venice in 1321.

Do you know why Dante had never received the poetic laurel wreath in his life, but only after death?

His friend Giovanni del Virgilio invited Dante to Bologna in 1321 to donate him the laurel wreath. However the poet had to refuse the invitation, due to the captain of the people becoming Fulcieri de Calboli, one of those who exiled Dante from Florence. After a few months Dante died.

Do you know which was Dante’s family job?

The Alighieri were a pretty rich family of Florence, they lended money for business. They were usurers.

Do you know where they set the first burial of Dante?

After the solemn funeral of Dante his body has been settled into a sarcophagus and placed inside a chapel owned by the Da Polenta and dedicated to Holy Mary. The chapel was located through the outer four-side portico of the San Francesco basilica.

Do you know who designed the actual grave of Dante?

It was designed by the architect Camillo Morigia in 1778 by the will of cardinal Luigi Valenti Gonzaga.

Do you know why Dante is always red dressed?

The long shirt and the typical hat are red because this was the colour of the guild of physician and apothecary he has been registered. A safe spot is the portrait of Dante made by the Giotto workshop inside the Maddalena chapel at Palazzo del Bargello of Florence, where the poet has been drawn with a red long shirt. Red is also linked to the virtue of charity.

Do you know why the poet Dante is often portrayed in profile?

The best known portrait of Dante is the one made by Sandro Botticelli, where the poet is in profile with his hooked nose. Boccaccio was the first who described the aspect of Dante in his “Trattatello in laude di Dante”, from that point onwards it started the case of Dante’s face. Still today the effigies of Dante take a cue from Boccaccio’s descriptions.



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